Fair Winds and Following Seas: Farewell Leonard Nimoy


Today we lost one of the great ones.  I can’t really sit here and say that I was a big fan of his, not to say that I didn’t respect the man enormously for his contributions to Science Fiction and Entertainment in general, but it stings less than say the loss of Tom Baker would.  I’m not a big Trek fan, my most vivid memories of Mr. Nimoy come from his stint hosting In Search Of.  Back in the dark times, before the internet, I watched quite a bit of that show (the episode I remember the most being the one on the Hope Diamond), and Nimoy’s voice seemed suited to the often odd material that In Search Of covered.  Everything from Sherlock Holmes to Ancient Aliens, as I recall.  But Leonard Nimoy is a cultural icon with an impressive body of work that he’s left behind for us to enjoy, and perhaps that’s the best way to remember him, as someone who brought us happiness through his abilities.

And so, farewell Mr. Spock.  Put in a good word for the rest of us.