A Trip to Night Vale

Last night I went to the Denver Welcome to Night Vale show; it was a ton of fun.  Things started out promisingly when I got downtown and spotted a group of cosplayers.  These weren’t Night Vale cosplayers mind you, I spotted an Ariel, an Assassin’s Creed assassin, someone from Attack on Titan, and a large, blue, furry something that I couldn’t quite identify.  But it was still a good start to the evening.

When I got to the theater, the line was already pretty long.  I saw plenty of Cecils and Carloses as I made my way to the end of the line, and then the two Glow Clouds showed up.  Cries of “All Hail!” could be heard along the line.  And here I’m going to point out the creativity of the cosplayers I saw last night.  Amongst all the Cecils and Carloses there were a couple of Kevins, at least one Lauren Mallard that I saw, a really cool Night Vale Ms. Frizzle, several Strex Pets, a Night Vale girl scout, and a Man in a Tan Jacket cosplay that was handing out flyers for the Night Vale subway.  Half the fun of last night was seeing the creativity of the fans there.

The show itself started out with a very nice performance from Eliza Rickman (Night Vale fans might recognize her from Episode 45’s weather).  Rickman has a lovely voice that she accentuates with delicate sounding instruments like an autoharp and a toy piano.  If what I heard last night is any indication of the rest of her work, and I think it is, I’ll have to get her album.

Without giving away spoilers to anyone who either hasn’t gotten to see the show yet, or didn’t get the chance to see it when it was near them, the show was exactly what you would expect.  Meaning that it was pretty darn good overall.  There were some nice Cecil/Carlos moments, Tamika Flynn made a generally awesome appearance, and although I heard that the appearance of Steve Carlsberg was a Denver only thing, I’m not entirely sure that’s true.  If it isn’t, you can definitely look forward to a very funny and energetic performance.  One of the biggest things that stood out to me watching the show was Cecil’s hand movements, especially as he described the skittering, slythering way that librarians in Night Vale move.  I have no idea why that particular thing stood out to me, but I felt that really added to the show.

After the show was over and I was making my way out of the theater I could hear a few people chanting “All Hail.” as one of the Glow Clouds left, and later a spontaneous, if worrying chant of “Bring down Strex!” started in the lobby.  In short, a fun night, and a great performance.  Those of you who have yet to experience it are in for a treat.

Also?  Shout out to the Carlos cosplayer who drove from Cheyenne for the show, hope you got home safe.  And to the girl in the NASA dress who sat next to me, thanks for making an already great night even better.