Guardians of the Galaxy: An Awesome Mix of a Movie

I’m sure that no one needs me to tell them that Guardians of the Galaxy is really good.  Really, really good.  Well worth seeing.  And all that stuff.  Every critic that I’ve heard of has said the same thing.  And it really is that good.  So go see it already!

But if you want a little more than that, Marvel has hit it out of the park again.  At some point they’ll mess it up (Ant Man isn’t looking too good right now, but they may yet salvage that one), but until then Marvel will continue to widen the gap between themselves and DC.

The movie itself sound kind of silly at first.  A human, an assassin, a walking revenge film, a genetically enhanced raccoon, and a talking tree all going up against one very angry alien with a massive chip on his shoulder who has one of the extremely powerful Infinity Stones to help him get his revenge on the planet Xandar.  There is a nice mix of action, pathos and comedy going on here.  The characters are engaging (Rocket and Groot are real stand-outs, but the whole cast works really well.), the pacing is well done, and (of course) the soundtrack is, in the words of the movie, Awesome.

So if you haven’t seen it yet, or were wondering if it really is that good; yes it is, and you should quit stalling and go see it.


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