Doctor Who: The Caretaker First Impressions

This one felt kind of weak to me, I’m not sure if that because of the general tone, or because of all the “The Doctor is being pissy and jealous” stuff.

  • I think that Clara is starting to learn that the Doctor and a normal life are incompatible on the whole.
  • Fish People: I’m sincerely hoping that was an “Underwater Menace” reference.
  • The mistake that all smart people make: Somewhere John Watson is just randomly started laughing, and he’ll never know why.
  • Do the students know?  Of course they know.  I’m pretty sure the whole school knows.
  • John Smith: Deep Cover Caretaker: I really don’t get why the Doctor didn’t just tell Clara what was going on from the beginning.  I can’t think of any good reason not to.  Not to mention that Clara had a very valid question.  And the Doctor really could have used the help.
  • He read it in the back of the book: That was purely the Doctor taking a pot shot at Clara.
  • The Doctor and the P.E. Teacher Maths Teacher: I think there’s a lot of self-hatred involved with the Doctor’s disapproval of soldiers.
  • The Doctor and the Disruptive Influence: Don’t let the “go away” stuff fool you, he loved meeting her.
  • The Doctor was shipping Clara and Adrian hardcore.  More on that later.
  • Invisibility Watch: There’s no big theme with this one, it’s just nifty, and well used throughout the episode.
  • The Skovox Blitzer: There have been some really good monster designs this series; first The Teller, and now the Skovox Blitzer.  The Blitzer is a solid, all terrain design with a nasty punch.  Well done, Doctor Who Special Effects team!
  • Danny Suspects: Danny’s a lot smarter that people (or more specifically, the Doctor) think.  I think that the Doctor was more angry that the soldier messed up his plan, that said soldier couldn’t possibly have known about, than anything else.
  • Well Clara, you had to know this was coming.  Just explain it clearly to both parties, unless one party is rightly confused by what’s going on, and the other one is being a jackass about everything.  In which case, explain things to the confused one, and tell the jackass to shut up.  Which is more or less what she did, but still trying to cover everything with a lame excuse was dumb.
  • Because it’s amazing: If there’s a better reason to keep traveling with the Doctor, I have no idea what it could be.
  • Clara, Danny, and the Doctor, Part 2: Oh boy, Danny doesn’t know it, but he nailed the Doctor.  He read the Doctor perfectly, which is why the Doctor was so pissed at him.
  • The Doctor and the Disruptive Influence, Part 2: He really does like her, he’s just crap when it comes to humans.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Woods: Wow, that was really reaching with the improvement.
  • Of course the Blitzer came back during Parent’s Night.  When else would it come back?
  • Danny vs. The Doctor: Doctor, take the help.  Quit being such a jackass.
  • Danny the badass acrobat: Damn cool, nothing else to say.
  • Clara, Danny, and The Doctor, Part 3: I think Danny was wrong about why the Doctor was angry.  He wasn’t worried that Danny was good enough for Clara, he was pissed that Clara chose to be with someone that he sees as being like himself as he is now.  Angry and ashamed, ashamed of what I’m not entirely sure.  He really wanted Clara to be with someone who’s like he used to be in his previous incarnation, someone who was happy.  Granted, the Doctor was reading the situation wrong the whole time, and reading his past self wrong as well.
  • The Doctor and the Disruptive Influence, Part 3: Was she motion sick?  Is that what was wrong?  Can you even get motion sick in the TARDIS?

Danny was not used very well in this episode, and Clara and the Doctor seemed to be keeping secrets for no logical reason.  Capaldi really did prop this episode up, but he wasn’t enough to save it.

Next week’s episode is titled “Kill the Moon”.  I’m sure Strax will be happy.


4 thoughts on “Doctor Who: The Caretaker First Impressions

    • Hmm, that’s the thousand dollar question isn’t it? I’m fairly certain it has something to do with the Doctor’s past somehow; there’s a clue to the whole thing that we haven’t been shown yet. Unfortunately, Moffat likes to set things up and then not follow through with the payoff. Witness the recent “Impossible Girl” arc. Which worries me as to how things will play out.

      As for Missy, again there’s a clue to her identity that we haven’t been shown yet. Personally I think that the “Promised Land” is an illusion created by Missy or whoever might be controlling Missy for their own purposes, whatever those purposes might be.


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