Daredevil: Rabbit in a Snowstorm First Impressions

Episode three and things are getting interesting.

  • Won’t Jam, Guaranteed: So, of course, in the very next shot, it jams.
  • The fight that came after that was brutal; I actually like that they make the fights as brutal as they are, it grounds the whole series.
  • Enter the Priest: I really wonder what’s going on between Matt and the priest.  Clearly they have a history together, and not just in the confessional.
  • What happened to Matt’s eye: I like how they didn’t just hand-wave away how beat up Matt got in the last episode.  Again, realism for the win.
  • Fair Compensation: I know the guy who hires Foggy and Matt has a name, I just haven’t heard it yet.  That said, this scene was really interesting just from a story telling point of view.  It managed to get a lot across with just acting and what has been already established about the characters in the scene.
  • Foggy’s Interview: Is it just me, or does Foggy not do as well when Matt isn’t around?  Still, we again get to see that Foggy isn’t as mercenary as he seems.
  • And once again I get to gush about character interactions, this time between Foggy and Matt!  I really like how they’ve made the character stuff that has very little to do with the plot just as interesting as the plot stuff.
  • Karen’s Choice: Typical corporate lawyer stuff, but it can only end badly for Karen.
  • Signs of the Times: Ben’s sub-plots in this episode might as well have been titled “Ways in Which the Modern World Sucks”.
  • I get the feeling that aside from Foggy and Matt being clean, they were also being tested throughout the trial.  It should be interesting to see what the bad guys gleaned from all of that.
  • “Bang on the Router”: It’s always the simple fixes that are the most effective.
  • Healey’s Slip:  So maybe I should call Fisk “He Who Must Not be Named” for the rest of the series?
  • Speaking of Wilson Fisk, I knew D’Onofrio was going to be good, but just that little bit of him at the end really made me want to see more.

Overall, this was an important bridge episode to the rest of the series.  Now that the major players have been established, we’re ready for the plot to really start moving and I can’t wait to see what’s next.


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